Business intelligence and Corporate Performance management systems

The Pasquetti & partners Accounting Firm offers business analysis solutions to support strategic decisional processes.

The solutions adopted can be easily implemented in a quick way. They offer detailed and updated analysis, making it possible to consolidate data imported from multiple sources in one solution that can be shown via dynamic applications and dashboards and can be also accessed via mobile devices.

Our assistance intervention is structured as follows:

Step 1 - Analysis and management design

  • Mapping of current systems and relative functional coverage
  • Analysis of executive needs based on the company’s business and on the existing processes
  • Identification of relevant dimension of analysis and their correlations
  • Definition of the executive organizational model required for the subsequent implementation plan

Step 2– Business intelligence system implementation

Installing of the software platform within the organization of the company and subsequent acquisition of the available data in the client’s IT systems from the B.I. database software. The implementation of the interventions continues as follows:

  • Start of the implementation plan
  • Realization of the identified solutions
  • Performance monitoring and refining solutions
  • Full functioning
  • Monitoring and ongoing improvement

The implemented business analysis model will allow the company to analyse in detail its strategic areas:

  • Sales management
  • Supply chain
  • Finance & administration
  • HR