Company crisis

It is only through a timely acknowledgement of the signals demonstrating a company crisis that it is possible to contrast such crisis and relaunch the activity. This can happen through performance audit and its immediate understanding, upon selection of the main economic and financial reasons that generated it and the implementation of a strategy that will make it possible to tackle its underlying causes, using judicial and non-judicial tools.

The Pasquetti & Partners Consulting Firm can make available for its clients a team of experts specialized in corporate, financial, tax and legal sectors, used to act synergistically to support the company in crisis and bring it back, once restored, to an healthy economic and financial balance.

The added value offered by the Firm in company crisis is the possibility to jointly manage the following steps:

  • support to the entrepreneur in the selection of the main economic and financial causes that generated the crisis;
  • shared creation of corporate strategies to be adopted in the relaunch of the activity that take into account business, economic, financial, fiscal, corporate, administrative and work related aspects;
  • management help in the relationship with stakeholders and, in particular, in the negotiation and restructuring of the credit lines with credit institutions and suppliers;
  • drafting and presenting of restructuring agreements and arrangements with creditors;
  • stating of economic-financial plans, structuring of treasury budget and liquidity management systems that accompany the full restoration path.