The Firm’s partners

The Firm has established some strategic partnerships with major companies operating on a national and international level with the aim of guaranteeing maximum coverage of the entire Italian territory for its Clients’ projects:

  • Gotha Advisory S.p.A., Equity Partner of Borsa Italiana S.p.A.;
  • C.E.F.&M., Club dei Commercialisti esperti in Finanza & Mercati (Association of Accountants specialized in Finance & Markets);
  • Gold la Tesoreria, for corporate treasury consulting projects;
  • Wintech S.r.l., for Corporate Performance Management consultation.

Gotha Advisory S.p.A.

Accountants specialized in Finance & Markets

Gotha Advisory S.p.A.

Gotha Advisory S.p.A., Equity Markets partner of Borsa Italiana S.p.A., of which the firm is a founding partner, is the first Italian organization reserved only for Certified Public Accountants specialized in Finance & Markets, and which comprises over 25 professional organizations with offices in Milan, Crema, Lecco, Brescia, Turin, Genoa, Reggio Emilia, Florence, Ancona and Rome.

Gotha was born from the union of consolidated professional worlds that decided to offer their experience and know-how in an integrated form by offering high value-added advisory services over the national territory. Gotha’s strategic objective is to establish itself as a specialised and innovative supplier of professional services oriented towards the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, including the stock exchange listing, the opening-up of capital to Private Equity Funds and other Professional Investors as well as M&A transactions.



Association of Accountants specialized in Finance & Markets


Pasquetti & Partners Accounting Firm is a partner of the C.E.F.&M., free association of qualified professionals specialized in Finance and Markets founded in Milan in September 2010 as a result of participation in the Master in listing processes organised by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. and by the National Council of Certified Public Accountants.

An intensive training program in favour of partners, clients and external professionals has been assigned to C.E.F.&M. (Association of Accountants specialized in Finance & Markets), making the experience of over thirty professionals with different specialisations a common factor.

Amongst the brilliant objectives achieved over the years, it is worth mentioning the drafting of four books dedicated to highly innovative topics for the profession in the field of corporate finance.

The main objectives of the Association are:

  • creating a network of accountants present across the entire national territory with excellent professional skills and a particular specialisation in consultancy activities regarding listing processes, M&A transactions and extraordinary corporate finance.
  • participating in local, territorial and national initiatives in order to increase the spread of a risk capital culture among entrepreneurs and professionals who support small and medium-sized enterprises; raising companies’ awareness about the national and international capital markets as a resource; stimulating investment in small and medium-sized enterprises from the national and international systems for Private Equity Funds, Pension Funds, Insurance Companies and Banks.
  • studying and deepening knowledge of preparatory financial and company-oriented issues in listing transactions, M&A transactions and all other extraordinary corporate transactions.
  • encouraging partnership spirit by supporting and promoting possible professional collaborations, by strengthening and increasing the value of the respective specialisations; facilitating forms of aggregation among the members of the association.
  • promoting the strengthening of small and medium-sized enterprises’ capital, rewarding the capital raising by resorting to the stock market, as well as promoting companies’ listing processes and aggregation processes amongst companies.
  • promoting and validating the image of the members of the Association, such as Accountants specialized in listing processes, financial analysis, risk management and corporate governance, to the territorial and national entrepreneurial world.
  • taking part to debates and all other initiatives for the associates involving information and professional culture training .
  • establishing, if necessary, working groups for the deepening of single specific issues.
  • stimulating members’ participation in the Association’s activities.

Gold La Tesoreria

Partner for corporate treasury consulting projects

Gold La Tesoreria

Small and medium-sized enterprises’ cash flow projections have always been managed in an unconscious way within Italian companies and even in cases where this is not true, the structuring of an actual “finance area” and the use of dedicated tools is hardly ever present.

Nevertheless, if until recently the need to exercise such budgetary planning had been overcome by resorting, on the one hand, to knowledge-based skills of entrepreneurs belonging to small and medium-sized enterprises’ and, on the other hand, to the “thoughtless” use of current account overdrafts, nowadays such behaviours are no longer sufficient.

“Gold la tesoreria” is the solution adopted by the Firm, in partnership with Albasoft Srl, with the aim of providing our clients with one of the treasury’s advanced management tools orientated towards the optimization of the financial resources management and the minimization of internal activities. The team of consultants specialized in such issue supports the Client in all (financial, organisational and procedural) aspects, both in the “go live” planning phase, and in the technical assistance phase following the launch.

The solution adopted immediately makes the solutions “determined” with our experts operational, thanks to the fact that it is already integrated with the main accounting applications and with all market remote banking.

Wintech S.p.A.

Partner for Corporate Performance Management consultation

“We meet many companies, we develop performance measurement projects, but we often face undecided companies which tend to postpone. Well, today this is no longer possible, because there’s a real risk of dealing with very aggressive competitors which are adopting, or have already adopted, innovative data analytics tools as well as a more scientific approach for the management of their company. You may find yourselves in a precarious position that could end up forcing you to leave the market.”

The Firm’s objective, in partnership with Wintech S.p.A., is to guide our clients in the implementation of business intelligence projects for planning, analysis and performance reporting connected with transactional systems, from which they get the necessary information.

Qlik is the tool used as a key player in the BI field for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large businesses with high potential and, at the same time, rapid implementation solutions.

Such a choice derives from the fact that small and medium-sized enterprises increasingly need to create very quickly analysis dashboards at various levels of complexity and to modify them without reconsidering and modifying the underlying database.