Treasury planning and control systems

Due to the growing difficulties faced when collecting credit, companies are overcoming the classic budgeting issues in order to optimize cash flow planning.

In this new and complex scenario, the Pasquetti & Partners Accounting Firm found a solution in order to support the management process of treasury and financial planning to optimize the risk of corporate liquidity.

Our assistance intervention is based on the following activities:

Step 1 – Analysis and treasury business case

We offer our support to re-examine and reconfirm Treasury needs in the light of corporate business, arriving to a high-level definition of a new organizational structure

Step 2 – Treasury design

Definition of details of the new organizational model of Finance and Treasury, which represents the foundation for the implementation plan

Step 3 – Treasury control system implementation

We offer support through the work necessary to concretely carry out the new organizational model, through the introduction of new processes, IT supports and banking services.