M&A and Investors’ research

Pasquetti & Partners Accounting Firm offers support and assistance in the transactions related to holdings or companies, in particular to Founding of Private Equity, and in all extraordinary corporate operations such as fusions, divestments, transfers and corporate lease:

  • analysis and structuring of all the profiles for the operation
  • assessment of the business or company
  • research, selection and management of qualified Investors
  • due diligence (fiscal, management, business and legal)
  • consultancy and assistance during the whole negotiation process
  • assistance for the post-operation integration

The added value offered by the Firm is the ability of using a wide network of reliable partners worldwide that can search and find potential investors (sell side) or purchasers (buy side) for carrying out M&A operations.

At the same time, the Firm accompanies their clients in the delicate task of extraordinary operation planning, offering at the same time integrated consultancy on all aspects of interest: negotiation, fiscal, business, accounting and financial.